Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Introduction to Music N3rd

Good Afternoon, How you doing? and What's Up? this is the introduction of my blog. Every week I will be discussing different aspects or important situations that is happening in the music industry. I will be sharing my opinions on new songs, mixtapes, albums, artist, fashion and what I think has changed about today's music in comparison to the older generation of music. Also, I will be sharing the ins and outs of what I do musically and the production stand point of how I make music and what goes into constructing a good quality song(s). Lastly, in my blogs I will be talking about the positive as well as the negative things that's happening in the industry with a couple jokes throw in to lighten the tone, no shade, just jokes. A few puns here and there. or majority of the time.

First Thing I want to discuss in today's blog with the Nerd of Music is the highlight of social media right now when Drake brought none other than Eminem on stage to perform "Forever" at the summer sixteen tour in Detroit. The city of the hometown hero was extremely excited and will never forget that moment. It basically was another great step into a new milestone for Drake not only putting rumors rest by bringing the GOAT on stage with him, but by paying homage to Em and declaring him as "The greatest rapper to ever touch a microphone." Everybody been speculating and coming up with random rumors about Em making a diss song directed to Drake since he has been currently beefing with Eminem's affiliated camp member of Slaughterhouse Joe Budden. I for one knew that this beef was never going to occur because though Eminem is known for notoriously killing individuals on the microphone whenever he felt like it. The only way you can get Em to step back in the booth and cook up something vicious is that he has to have an issue with you, hating being compared to you, or your name just happened to rhyme in the wordplay that he was creating. I feel that Joe Budden is a grown man that started his own beef and as long as Eminem's name is not thrown in the mix then the Rap God will not be seeking to end careers, it's that simple. What Do Y'all think? Did You Really See A Eminem and Drake Beef Happening?

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  1. Great introductory, love the originality! This is my first time hearing of the Eminem and Drake beef. I'm not sure if I see that happening. Drake is known to be the all-around guy who surprises me sometimes but he's starting to make headlines too much-nevertheless I can say its' improving his fan-base. But first it Meek Mill and Drake now Eminem and Drake, starting to look a lot more like publicity.