Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Damnn Breezy....Back at it again

Good Afternoon, What's Up, How You Doing people my name is Raul aka The Renegade coming back to you with another social media topic in the music world. Recently Virginia native Chris Brown is back in the headlines with news in a bad way. Chris was sent to prison due to a issue where he threatened a woman at his house with gun. I know what you thinking how can Chris possibly get in anymore bad situations then he already has. Its no denying that this man Chris has been in more issues than you could think of from domestic violent issues with Rihanna to baby mama drama over his daughter Royalty. The only thing about this issue is that it is so many accusations and weird twists and turns going on in this story.

According to starcasm the woman, Curan, that Chris apparently cursed out said that she was admiring his jewelry that he had displayed in his home and then started to get irritated with the girl and her friends and started to scream names at them and told them to get the F out, I'm sick of you girls and began to threaten them with a gun. Now, my thing is why call the police on a person when you are in their house obviously making them feel a bit uncomfortable. Another thing, why did it need to be S.W.A.T. and so many police officers surrounding his house when he did not want to come out his house because the police failed to comply with a search warrant that is required to have when you have the intentions to search a person's home. It is a lot of gaps in this story because they made him pay 250,000 for bail because he had a stand off at his home because police officers did not have a warrant present to search his home. We currently already have a lot of issues with police and African Americans so this situation is adding to more issues directed towards that situation. What do you guys think? Do yall feel that the police should have surrounded his home the way they did?

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