Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Childish GREATbino

Good Afternoon, How You Doing, What's Up. My name is Raul aka The Renegade bringing you more Hip Hop weekly news. Today I'm going to be discussing the talented Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino with his successful pilot of his show "Atlanta." Childish said that this show is suppose to make individuals that are not black understand how it feels to be a black man in America and the progression of a manager/producer. I personally recommend people to watch this TV show not even being bias because I like Childish Gambino as a rapper and person, but simply because it is really a good TV and the fact that it demonstrate us as Black people in a way that most people wouldn't understand is something we needed on TV.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The show’s called Atlanta, yeah, but right away, it becomes clear: This isn’t necessarily Atlanta; this is Earn’s Atlanta. And Earn loves music at least enough to help out his cousin, Alfred (The Book of Mormon alum Brian Tyree Henry), a rapper whose track “Paper Boi” begins gaining steam early on in the FX drama-comedy. (The possibility of getting some paper of his own is solid motivation, too.) That original song was penned by Glover and his brother Stephen, but most of the series’ varied, Southern-inspired soundtrack is made up of already-released tracks that the Georgia-raised Glover hopes together will create a picture of the city he knows.
“We wanted it to feel like what it felt like when we were on the street in Atlanta. No matter where you go, there’s a constant barrage of music coming from cars and from shops,” Glover tells EW. “It was important to me that it represented a vibe of Atlanta that was true, something you couldn’t get from everywhere.” I agree with everything that has been said and I cannot wait to see more of this show in depth. So tell me are you guys going to check it out?

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