Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Time To Play The Game

Good Morning, How You Doing, What's Up? my name is Raul aka The Renegade coming back with another trending topic in the industry. Now, as of lately it has been trending that The Game and Meek Mill are now beefing. Wow, talking about catch heat from every angle of the rap game if you're Meek. We all knew about the Drake and Meek Mill beef that occurred sometime last year and is still kind of coming to the scene here and there. But this time its a recent collaborator of Drake that has his own personal issues bottled up with Meek and he now feels need to address it.

It was random when this beef started because we never seen this happening. Than again, you never know who would beef with who when it comes to the music industry. According to a interview The Game had with Ebro from Hot 97 he said that things transpired with Sean Kingston at a venue where he was robbed and that The Game was the one who set him up. Apparently Meek, The Game, and Sean Kingston were at the same club in LA and The Game took it upon himself to send a bottle to Meek letting him know that it was stuff going down in LA and he wanted him to be safe. The Game said he didn't send anything to Sean Kingston because he is a R&B singer and he didn't need to. So when the robbing of Sean Kingston went down it was said by an exchange of phone tag that The Game set up Sean Kingston in LA. The beef comes into play when The Game called Meek a rat due to the fact he told him some intel about what was going on in LA and he took it and flipped it when he talked to the police making it seem like he was the one causing the issues. Since that day The Game has been on a rampage of ending Meek Mills career. Some people say he just starting random beefs to keep his name relevant and to promote his album. I personally feel that The Game is just making it clear that he still got it lyrically as an emcee and he just want to prove it by going after Meek which is coincidental because Meek has become the target for a lot of artist lately. What do you guys think?

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